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    Help baby eczema: Vanicream and probiotics?
    I have tried almost every cream/lotion out there (I think he hates the aquaphor as he wakes up every 2 hours when I give it to him) and my 9 month old still has severe eczema. I'm about to try Vanicream if I can find it. I REALLY don't want to use the steroids. I also heard that probiotics work. Has anyone had experience with using Vanicream or probiotics? What probiotics did you use? How long until you saw an improvement?

    • ANSWER:
      My son also had mild to severe eczema.. with luck, he had it mostly on his face & little bit of patches on his arms & legs.
      His first flare up was when he was around 2 months. I had experimented with aveeno, cetaphil, aquaphore and mustela product at the time - but nothing really helped him much. After some research -- I started using Vanicream together with very very little otc hydrocortisone cream ( with Dr. recommendation) when he had bad rashes and patches . Also aveeno baby soothing relief baby wash.
      This combination worked pretty well except one spot on his cheek. About 3 months ago, He started to have another flare up on his face.. Out of desperation, I have used burts bee baby product, ceravu, calendula cream, a&d, vaseline with no luck and finally eucerine ( because dr. recommended ). After I have used eucerine, Baby boy started to have biggest, reddest, ooziest patches on his face & dry eczema spots around his body..
      I stopped and used only vanicream & dreadful hydrocortisone for around a week twice a day.

      Now..He has softest cheeks he ever had.
      When I went back to vanicream this time,, I did couple other things too ( May be these are the reason he is doing better ) -- cut all gluten, all legume ( because he has peanut allergy), and red meat. Also, gave him 1/4 teaspoon flaxseed oil. On top.. raining ( I live in california ) & humidifier 24 hours a day.
      It has been around a months & I can't say it got cured -- because he has bit of dry skin left... but he is doing fantastic.

      I can't say vanicream is miracle cream.. but I believe it helped me quite a lot..( because other cream made my son worse). Sorry I do not have experience with probiotics -- but has been wondering & curious about result if you start using. Hope you find cure for your baby.

    Has anyone used vanicream for eczema?
    If so does it work I have read reviews on this cream and people say it really works good. A friend of mine also used it on her son she said it cleared up his skin very well. I went out and bought it I pray it works. Also I wonder if it will work on spots that eczema has left on my skin.

    • ANSWER:
      Don't know but I know one cream that works very well: SpectroCare Eczema Care (used to be called Eumovate, and used to be under prescription only.... you need to ask a pharmacist though they check who buys it and for what, needs to be justified).. and the spots you talk about, it's just dry skin that got scaly, you don't really need anything medicated for that. Exfoliate gently and put a good moisturizer like Impruv (it's the most basic cream, it won't irritate your skin)

    How to treat eczema without prescribed creams?
    My doctor gave me a cream that is hardly working and told me to use a Moisterizer call Vanicream after the shower. I find nothings working well, so want to know if you know of any natural way or better cream maybe? I used to only have it on the middle parts of my arms, but now it's everywhere, even my thumb! Thanks!!

    • ANSWER:
      Steroid creams stopped working for me after few years of use. I switch to natural treatment. SerenaSkin eczema herbal remedies are the most effective treatment i've tried. I used ointment and spray applications and took extract internally to prevent future flare-ups. It has been more than a year and my skin is still clear.

    What will work best on weeping, open sores due to eczema on my 5 month old baby?
    He's already seen his doctor plus a dermatologist. I have used Aquaphor (great on diaper rashes), Eucrine, Vanicream, CeraVe, and Cetaphil. Plus he's gotten 2 presciption creams (some amts of steroids involved). In desperation, I've now used 1% hydrocortisone cream (huge amts of steroids). No use - he's still scratching like mad and the cycle of bleeding, open wounds begins. Help!!!!!!

    • ANSWER:
      I don't know of anything that works...poor little guy.... good luck...hope you get something that helps him :)

    Alimentum formula for severe Eczema?
    My 9 month old son has had severe eczema since he was 2 months old. Nothing helps..we've tried everything. Aquaphor, Vanicream, a few other creams..I can't remember the names, Crisco shortening, Cortizon, Zyrtec, Aveeno Baby, Oatmeal baths, baby oil in the bath water, Vaseline...etc. His Dr. just switched him to Alimentum formula and I wanted to know if anyone has used it and what was the outcome? Thanks so much!

    • ANSWER:
      Both of my kids had sever eczema, I took them to the doctor, their creams didn't work. The only thing that worked for them was a cream call Gentle Nature Eczema Cream. I got it at Wal Mart, it's super greasy, but it was the only thing that worked for my kids.

    baby eczema troubles...?
    My 5 month old has the worst eczema. He is breastfed and nothing in particular seems to trigger it. ( my 2 year old has it too, but not this bad when he was an infant ) Does anyone have any good remedies for eczema in an infant? I am currently using Vanicream (hypoallergenic cream) and cortizone cream when really bad. Thanks for your help.

    Oh, it seems to be worse now that the warmer weather is here?? It's about 80degress here.

    • ANSWER:
      Sweating and illness make eczema worse.
      I use cetaphil cream. My son has severe eczema (he is 19m). We went through allergies (he has them) and go to a pediatric dermatologist. He has steroid cream that are low, med. and high dose.
      We use all clear detergent, and aveeno baby sunscreen

      A caution about Eucerin and Aquaphor they have lanolin in it. I know these are highly recommended but lanolin is a wool derivative that is a common allergy. My son is allergic to it

    I just used the Vanicream Moisturizing Cream and my face turned red...why did this happen?
    I just used the Vanicream Moisturizing Cream (suggested by dermatologist) and my face turned red...why did this happen?? It's suppose to be for very sensitive skin (e.g. eczema, rosacea, etc.) and my face reacted...could it be the ingredients or what? I also noticed my face turned red with the cetaphil moisturizing lotion and the cerave foaming facial cleanser and moisturizers. I have rosacea, acne, and oily but dry skin...what are your thoughts? what should i do?!?!?

    • ANSWER:
      You've obviously had a reaction of some sort, whether it's due to the extreme sensitivity of your skin, or because of some kind of allergic reaction. You should certainly let your dermatologist know what's happened and how your skin reacted.

      You should allow your skin to calm down before putting anything else on your face. You wouldn't want to further irritate the skin tissue.

      There are other creams and ointments your dermatologist might be able to try. Maybe he/she could give you a few samples to try before you invest more money in another cream that won't be suitable to your skin.

      In the meantime, I would suggest you start drinking more water and avoid all alcohol & caffeine products (coffee, tea, pop, etc..) Alcohol & caffeine will actually dehydrate your skin. Water re-hydrates from the inside out. As well, drinking water helps to wash out the toxins in your body.

      One thing I have found, is that whatever happens on the outside of our bodies is often an indication that something needs attention on the inside.

      Increase your omega 3 fatty acids by taking supplements such as Evening Primrose Oil, fish oils, etc… And by eating walnuts, hazelnuts, or pecan nuts (if you’re not allergic)
      Ground Fennel seeds and Flax seeds, as well as Flax seed Oil supplements (omega 3’s) also act as anti-inflammatories. (reduce redness)
      Omega 3’s aid in proper digestion and healthier skin.

      Try increasing your intake of vitamin D through supplements (1000 – 4000 IU/day) and B-complex to aid in healthier skin and maintaining a healthier immune system.…

      Many people find food with histamines aggravate their redness and a more alkaline diet is extremely helpful.…

      Check out these site to learn about possible Triggers...

      Here are a few other helpful, (and natural) hints for a better complexion for a lifetime:
      - avoid any products with alcohol. Alcohol can actually burn & irritate sensitive skin tissue.
      - only use gentle, fragrance-free, oil-free, alcohol-free cleansers on your face.
      - have a daily facial cleansing routine (2x daily, morning & night. Do not scrub as this will irritate the skin)

      - avoid extended periods in direct sun (use sunblock for sensitive skin, with 15 - 30 spf)
      - avoid extreme weather conditions (hot, cold, windy...)
      - avoid really hot things. Hot showers & hot tubs, hot drinks (the heat will dilate blood vessels causing more redness)

      - avoid spicy foods, greasy foods, and foods with a high refined-sugar content. (these foods disrupt the natural digestive processes of the body)
      - eat foods high in anti-oxidants; such as blueberries, cranberries, purple grapes, broccoli, etc..

      - try to cut down on stress (stress can magnify a multitude of conditions)
      - try to get at least 7 - 8 hours of sleep each night (aids in the healing processes of the body)……

    Is it ok to use CeraVe cleanser with Vanicream moisturizer?
    I'm getting eczema pretty bad on my face...and I heard really good things about CeraVe. I was prepared to buy the Hydrating Cleanser and the Moisturizing Lotion.

    However, the pharmacist highly recommended Vanicream, but I still wanted a gentle cleanser, so I bought the CeraVe cleanser with it as well. After getting home and reading reviews, I'm kind of glad I got the Vanicream moisturizer because a lot of people say that the CeraVe lotion can be too thin...and because it doesn't contain all the chemicals and weird ingredients, like parabens. I want something at first to be thick and powerful until my skin is under control, and then I'll purchase the lotion.

    But do you think it's ok to use a mixture of both?


    • ANSWER:
      Yes you can mix and match skin care

      All my skin care is not same I use different moisturizer, cleanser
      toner and Serum .

    eczema troubles.....?
    i've had eczema for a few years now and it has never fully gone away. ive taken evening primrose oil it doesnt work at clearing it up very well and i've used a cream called vanicream and it makes it lighter slightly but it doesnt fully clear it up too. im so tired of having the eczema and i want to clear it up soon any suggestions?

    • ANSWER:
      The main cause of eczema is overreaction of the immune system. Identifying certain foods, chemicals, etc can be very helpful in battling this disease. I try to avoid soy and sea food which trigger my flare-ups.
      After using number of prescription drugs I've turned to the natural treatments.
      Now I use herbal remedies from, which aim at the root of the disease - the immune system, and are steroid-free.
      After about 3 weeks of using ointment and spray my skin has been cleared up and now I just continue with anti-eczema extract, which controls the immune system. My skin has been clear for months now.
      It is the only treatment I have found that provides me complete relief when I use it as directed.

    Baby with Eczema, question for any experts...?
    I'm puzzled as to what is going on with my 4 month old daughter so here is a run down:
    She started at 2 months old with a small eczema patch near her ear on her cheek and cradle cap. From there she ended up having the patch on her cheek flare up to really red and developed a patch on her neck on that same side of her face right where the lining of her clothes would touch her neck (she leaned her head to that side more than the other.)
    Around 3 months, she started getting little dry patches on her stomach and a few on her diaper area. The patch on her cheek got oozy and her neck patch also got really weepy and red. I took her to the doctor. They said it was eczema and wanted me to eliminate Dairy from my diet. She is strictly breastfed. I had already eliminated dairy two weeks before that after a bought of bloody stool and mucous stools after a weekend of many cheesy things.
    After the doc visit and immediately starting eliminating nuts, soy, egg, corn, wheat, citrus, etc... it QUICKLY spread and covered her entire torso the worst of all. Her torso was flamming red, she had some patches on her thighs, in the creases of her limbs, etc.
    As I said, this seemed to spread almost over night after the doc visit.
    I called the doc every day and they kept telling me that it will take time for the offending food to get out of her system and to stick with my diet.
    After the 3rd day of phone calls to the doc they called in a .02% steroid cream for her. I had been doing vanicream, baby aveeno, cetaphil, aquafor, etc etc and it just seemed to keep spreading. The cream helped immensley and we are constantly moisturizing her (like 4 times at least a day and baths every other day.)

    Basically my question is this, my husband feels that it was more likely something topical that caused her flare because the worst part was all over her torso where she is always covererd (she wears onesies a lot), where the doctors say it was something i was eating.
    I was using an all natural detergent but it was scented. I have since switched to "free and clear" detergent and done what I stated above.

    Sorry to ramble, bottom line is do you think it is more likely food related or an allergy to something topical?

    • ANSWER:
      Both my kids get eczema, my son, in patches that come and go and get during winter, but rarely weep and flare really badly. My daughter, however, got it so badly on her face that she looked like she had a deadly or contagious disease. Poor thing. Other than steroids to get rid of it and then mosturizing the heck out of it to keep it at bay, we use aquaphor and mustela's stelatopia cream - both of which work wonders in my book, I blame my daughter's horrible flare on detergent.

      I knew beforehand that this was a potential problem since I already had one rash-prone child, so I used All's free and clear from the get go, which worked fine for my son. Apparently, even that was too harsh for her, as when I switched to Dreft, which actually is scented, go figure, the problem relatively disappeared.

      Since your daughter's started on her face, in a place where she typically rested her face/head, it could be topical irritants, either alone or combined with food allergies. My daughter's began like that, a small patch where she usually rested her head on the Bjorn that quickly spread. Of course, the bloody/mucousy stools seem more internal than external.

      Has the switch in detergent's helped? Have you tried Dreft? I never would have thought that something scented would be easier on eczema-prone skin, but for whatever reason it was for my daughter, so that may be an option for you if you find the regular free and clear is still too harsh. It can't hurt to go at it from both ends -- food elimination and detergent -- just to try and get her back on an even keel as quickly as possible.

      good luck. I hope your daughter feels better soon.

    4 month old eczema returning with use of steroid cream?
    Long story short, my 4 month old had a severe breakout of eczema, all over her torso and the rest of her (including head.)
    After many trials of aveeno creams, vanicream, aquaphor, cetaphil, etc (moisturizing 4 + times a day) and less baths, changing detergent, mom is on elimination diet....
    I was prescribed a .02% steroid cream for her to apply 2 times a day up to 7-10 days. I used it for four days and her skin was nearly almost clear as day. I then cut down after day 4, to only applying once a day. Two days later now, she has red appearing on the eczema spots again as if it's starting to flare. I dont' want to keep using the cream but was I supposed to use it the entire 7 days? The pharmacist said just to use it until her rash clears which I did... but now she's starting to spot again and I DO NOT want it to get to the point where it was a week ago.

    I'm not sure if its' because i stopped the cream to only once a day or if it's because I picked "corn" as the food to re-introduce into my diet after the elimination trial I have been on (no soy, dairy, nuts, corn, egg, wheat, etc.)
    We switched from "ecos" scented natural detergent to a "free and clear" detergent, too.

    • ANSWER:

    eczema creams advice/help!?
    so i have had eczema on my neck, inner elbows, back of knees, and a small pack on my chin since i was a baby. it's not bad, just very dry and pink. ive gotten alot better under control now (im 15)- i got prescriptions from my doctor about a year ago. Which helped, but not it looks as though ive lost my pigmentation? its just white spots on me. is there any way to fix this? i moisturize almost daily with vanicream or just vaseline but all this does is make it more pink and noticable :( help its embarassing.

    • ANSWER:

    Relief for baby's eczema?
    My 4 month old has had eczema for about two months now. As of the past month it has gotten pretty bad. It is now all over her torso, on her legs, shoulders, under her chin, on her cheeks, diaper area, forhead and head...
    I have taken her to the doctor who now has me on an elimination diet. I have been dairy free for three weeks, and nuts, soy, egg, corn, and a plethora of other things for the past week. It does not seem to be getting better. Does it take time for this to cure itself once you eliminate the food? She is using hydrocortizone for a bad spot near her ear but the rest of her i use vanicream and/or aveeno soothing relief cream. Nothing really seems to be helping and I feel SO BAD for her.
    She's also not sleeping well which I assume is because this bothers her? I have never had eczema so i don't know what it feels like? Does it itch or burn her? I just don't knwo what to do. The doctor just keeps telling me to stick to my elimination diet.
    I am moisturizing her like crazy and use the hydrocortizone once before bed on that problem spot.

    Anyone have any great, FAST cures for this problem? I feel so bad for her.

    I wash her clothes in an all natural detergent but it was fragranced so I now use a fragrance and dye free detergent. I also dont use soap unless needed then I use burt's bees. She wears cotton onesies mostly every day.

    • ANSWER:
      Use a natural moisturiser on her and try NOT to bathe her every night. I know it may sound crazy but having a bath every night when you have eczema can actually DRY your skin out.

      Has your doctor prescribed Diprobase to her? I think you should ask for that if he hasn't, as the cream is extremely soft on the skin and does not cause any pain, even on the most sensitive eczema. I was also prescribed "Dermovate" but I think that may be too strong for her skin (it's only used for extremely dire cases), it did the job perfectly for me, however I am a teenager so I didn't have any damage from using the cream.

      Also when bathing her use a natural soap (Diprobase can be actually used if need be) but I like to use "Sultana of Soap" which you can get from Lush. I also used oat meal in the past as that contains vital nutrients to soothe and rejuvinate skin. DO NOT USE REGULAR SOAP, THAT IS BAD FOR ECZEMA.

      The only problem is, is you will have to expect her to have eczema for quite some time. It's very common that childhood eczema can stay on until their teens. My eczema started when I was 4 and has only just gone recently but I still use creams because there is still the risk of a flare up.

    Can someone help me with my eczema?
    All of my eczema comes from where my skin touches skin.

    I have it in my cleavage, the inside of my arms, all around my neck [I'm overweight].
    The only places I have it where it's open is my eyes, the bridge between my eyes and my nipples.
    I also have eczema on my scalp.

    Everything looks like a deep reddish brown and sometimes gray when it's better. The areas get swollen up, I get the usual cluster of bumps everywhere.

    I don't know what to do.

    All cream either burn and make me itch causing it to become worse or they moisturize but make it look like my skin won't ever heal over.
    I started using vaseline which has kept my skin pretty soft but it's not working anymore.

    I feel not so much of an itch but more of just a weird irritation that I try to soothe with ice so I don't scratch and damage my skin more.

    What can I do?

    I've used a few Aveenos, Eucerin [the worst burning and itching ever], Vanicream.

    This is ruining my skin. How can I keep this under control?

    • ANSWER:
      Hi, my sister suffered from eczema for years, and the biggest problem is that eczema cannot be cured by any medication, it can only be controlled. In a lot of cases even medications are not that helpful. The reason why eczema cannot be cured by any drug or medicinal cream, is because the causes are really varied in different people.

      Some people get it through something they are eating, some get it through clothing or materials that their skin comes into contact with, some get it by being too near pets, and so on. This is why there is no one solution for everyone.

      However there are things that you can do to reduce it yourself.

      First of all take a look at your diet. There are certain foods that are known to trigger eczema. Try avoiding dairy products for a few weeks and see if it makes a difference. Also try to avoid eating foods which are high in fat and sugar. Try adding more fresh vegetables not your diet, especially things like dark cabbage, sprouts, broccoli, and green peppers. These types of foods work to put your body in an alkaline position, which is a very healthy position to be in.

      As for the skin itself, start using moisturizing creams which only contain natural ingredients and not chemicals. Aloe Vera is really good for keeping the skin healthy. Dry skin attracts eczema like the plague, so the more moisturized your skin is, the less you will want to scratch.

      The best way to moisturize is to have a quick hot bath, and then put moisturizer on straight away. This works better because your skin is warm from the bath, and the pores are more open. This allows the moisturizer to penetrate deeper, keeping your skin moist for longer.

      A good remedy to use for scalp eczema is coconut oil. Again apply it to your scalp after having a bath, and gently rub it in until it is absorbed. It's best to do this before you go to sleep, so that it can do its work during the night.

      Also you should make an appointment to see a dermatologist who can run some tests, and may be able to find out what things that you are allergic to. This does not always give you the answer, but it is worth a go.

      There are a lot of natural remedies for eczema, and you can find out more at the resource below. I hope some of this helps, take care.

    How do you handle your/or your child's Eczema?
    If you have dealt with eczema, could you please share what you found controlled the flares the best? My son is 7 mo old and suffers from moderate eczema on his face and scalp and occassionaly a patch on his chest or back. I have cut dairy out of my diet (he is breastfed) and am currently using Cetaphil for his baths and Vanicream as a moisturizer. He takes 2.5ml of zyrtec a day for itching and we use 2.5% hydrocorisone for flares. Thanks for any advice, it will be at least 3 months before we get in to see a pediatric dermatologist:0(.

    • ANSWER:
      Seems like you are doing all you can to take care of your baby. The cetaphil is recommended instead of soap. Continue with the zyrtec daily. I checked on the Vanicream and it doesn't contain any irritants. I find that the 2.5% HC cream too strong for the face and neck so just keep another tube of 0.5% HC cream in case your child breaks out in the face and neck regions (2.5% is good for the body)

      Here are some tips to help your child control his/her eczema

      1) After bath, use Vaseline instead and apply it RIGHT AFTER the bath to trap the moisture into your babys skin.

      2) Try to apply the HC cream right when he starts itching and not when he flares. Once flared it's more difficult to control

      3) Zyrtec is a long term treatment therefore it must be given daily to control the itch. It's long lasting but takes a long time to set it therefore continue giving daily. If the flare is uncontrolled, give a child dose of benadryl for quick relief.

      4) If the rash is bad, wash and dry the area then apply the HC cream then apply the emolient (Vanicream) on top

      You have to be careful when to use vaseline and when to use the cream. Vaseline can increase the HC absorption into the body but will help retain moisture better if the eczema is caused by dryness. By best advice to you is when you use HC, use the vanicream and when you finish bathing and put your child to bed, use vaseline.

      Hope this helps. If you have any questions feel free to email me

    Is this lotion vegan?
    Hey there. I jsut recently returned from the allergist. I suffer from eczema and have been "prescribed" Vanicream lotion to assist in the dry skin recovery. I cannot find any info on whther or not its vegan. It contains ingredients which can be from vegetable source or animal source.

    Is there anyone out there that can verify this for me ?

    (btw I know I can "look up" the ingredients. However, doing so did not really verify anything for me")

    Again, that lotion is Vanicream. Thank you! :)

    • ANSWER:
      Regardless of the ingredients, it's probably not vegan because of animal testing.

      But, if you are only concerned about the ingredients...the cetearyl alcohol and ceteareth-20 are most likely derived from coconuts because whale fat isn't widely used for this ingredient anymore.

      The ones that are concerning are the propylene glycol, glyceryl monostearate, and polyethylene glycol monostearate. Most likely these ingredients are animal derived but the only way to be sure is to ask the company.

      Here you can contact them: 1-800-325-8232

    DOCTOR I need help. skin problem??
    I have eczema all over my harms and it seems like its getting worse and worse. I went to the doctor and he gave me
    1. Vanicream
    2. Triamcinolone Acetonide cream

    What causes it. I dont itch cause I put ice on it or I just think of something else. I dont really used soap when I take a shower on my arms cuase it just dries it out. and now my husband is Telling me I have to take cold warm showers. How long does this skin problem, last. and what are thing I can do to make it heal and get better faster?

    PLease I have had this for 2 months now and Im tired of looking like a red armed freak
    what are ways I can make it stop iching. Im going CRAAZY

    • ANSWER:
      Well, my husband had this when he was a kid and they said it would probably go away when he got older, and gave him some steriods and it did go away--but then he started getting it again in college (about 10 years ago). It got so bad the back of his arms and legs were blistered from him scratching it (though he tried not to). We went to a several dermatologists and nothing they gave him helped much (the specific type of steroids he had been given before were no longer made). Then on national public radio someone on a health show was mentioning that eating salsa (or something else really spicy) every day made his excema go away. We tried it and it worked! After a week or so of eating salsa daily his excema was gone...occassionally he'd still have a flare up, but before the "salsa treatment" it was constant (I mean, sometimes it would be worse and sometimes better, but it never went away...but after the salsa he rarely ever had any trouble with it). We're not sure exactly why it works...but his excema was also worse when it was hot, and since eating hot foods and heat in general both affect your sweating, we figure it must have something to do with the sweat glands.

      We still wondered why he would get the occassional flare up, until recently. He ate a big dish up scrambled eggs (he rarely ever eats eggs by themselves, though of course there's a lot of things that contain eggs which he eats)--and right afterwards got a really bad case of excema. He looked up egg allegies and found that people who were allergic to eggs would often get a flare-up of excema when they ate them . Also found that it usually, but not always goes away in childhood (his childhood doctor though had never mentioned anything about eggs--maybe they didn't know that could cause it then). We've watched what he eats since, and sure enough, if he eats anything with eggs in it, he'll get a flare up of excema.

      I've heard other people say that other allergies were connected to excema (like wheat or peanuts)--so you might have to do some searching to find out what is causing yours (if it is an allergy). From all my research on this subject it seems like there are multiple things that can cause this and doctors don't really know exactly why it happens or or even what all of those things are. It can be very frustrating. Hope you find what's causing yours soon.

    rash around 9 month old's mouth?
    My 9 month old has had a rash around his mouth for months. After several appointments to pediatricians, allergists, and dermatologists, it was determined that he has eczema. We have taken him off of his pacifier, and the rash still wont go away. We use vanicream all day, as well as diaper cream to prevent moisture due to drool. Does anyone know what this is from and how to make it go away?

    P.S.-We have also used desonide (steroid cream) which sometimes helps, but we don't like to use it.

    He also has dry skin at the top and bottoms of his ear creases...

    • ANSWER:
      it will more than likely clear up eventually, i would keep goin with the cream your using and if it still shows no sign of clearing up see if you could get something else from gp.

    Question for african american pregnant women.?
    While pregnant do you notice your skin getting any darker? I was also using this lotion called vanicream and I think it is making me darker or either it's just part of being prego. I have eczema and read this lotion was good so I started using it. Since my face and chest are darkening I stop using it. Those were the areas I was using the cream.
    Yes I have went back to aveeno now so hopefully my face and chest will go back to normal color. I bet that vanicream has some type of bleaching in it now that you said that. Thanks
    Also this vanicream cleared up my face from eczema and a few dark spots I had, but now my face is darker I don't get it.

    • ANSWER:
      ive been preg 3 times and each time my face was super clear and my skin got healthy as the months progressed my forehead broke out a few times. some creams have bleach in them and it can even make it dark instead of brighter! try aveeno for dry skin.its really good. a little expensive but it works they even have the body washes to go with it. also cocoa butter by palmers is good and also the 24 hr moisturizing lotion by johnson's. good luck ask ure doc if none of that works.

    Alcohol free, Perfume free, dye free Moisturizers?
    My son is 20 months old, he has had eczema since he was 2 months old from food allergies (ALL dairy, egg, and peanuts). His allergist is crazed about keeping his skin moisturized. We have tried what feels like everything, it either burns his skin or makes him flare up. The only thing he will let me put on him is Aquaphor. We have tried: Vanicream, Eucerin, Various J&J creams, Gold Bond, Sarna, Cetaphil and a few others. I need some help in trying to find something else, i'm open to anything Natural, or not, as long as it doesnt have Alcohol, scents or dyes in it. I know this is hard, which is why i need some more suggestions!
    Please understand his allergies are so severe that contact with these foods causes a break out, Items like Shea butter are not options, I have contacted his Allergist, they arent helping!

    • ANSWER:
      use the Cerave face moisturizer is fragrance free, oil free , dye free
      is great for eczema I know a person that has Eczema uses this
      amazing face lotion .

    Alimentum formula for severe Eczema?
    My 9 month old son has had severe eczema since he was 2 months old. Nothing helps..we've tried everything. Aquaphor, Vanicream, a few other creams..I can't remember the names, Crisco shortening, Cortizon, Zyrtec, Aveeno Baby, Oatmeal baths, baby oil in the bath water, Vaseline...etc. His Dr. just switched him to Alimentum formula and I wanted to know if anyone has used it and what was the outcome? Thanks so much!

    • ANSWER:

vanicream eczema

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