Colloidal Silver Eczema

We use soap for our skin care because it helps cleansing and exfoliation. Soaps which are made of skin friendly materials are great for regular use because this type of soaps helps revitalization of skin glow and initiates delicate skin care. Colloidal silver, the newest antibiotic is already proved as an excellent natural skin care product and absolutely suitable for sensitive and irritated skin. There are different skin products available now in market based on skin friendly quality of colloidal silver; special type of soap is also available which are often prescribed by dermatologists for the patients of psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, psoriasis etc. because there are lots of benefits of this colloidal silver based soaps.

Most of the skin problems are initiated by fungus and it is proven fact that colloidal silver products cure any type of fungal infection with efficiency and promptness. Problems like ringworm, yeast infection, and warts etc are initiated by harmful fungus and on consistent use of colloidal silver based soap these problems can be successfully eliminated. After elimination of this problem, use of this skin friendly soap will help to keep further relapse of these problems.

There are many more types of fungus infections which are commonly found as disturbing and irritating for skin. Nail fungus, athletes' foot, eczema rash etc are common skin problem. Regular use of colloidal silver based soaps helps to keep these infections under control and improves quality of skin. With regular use of this skin friendly soap, the texture of skin gets improved and thus remains healthy.

We often suffer from body odor due to formation of certain micro-organisms in our under arm area which causes body odor. Regular use of colloidal silver based soaps can eliminate this issue with instant efficiency and on regular use can prevent further formation of body odor problem.

Regular use of colloidal silver based soaps keep desired moisturizer level of skin keeps it clean and protects from external infections. Regular use of this soap works as sun protection agent because the invisible silver layer protects UV rays from penetrating skin surface and prevents initially from possibility of skin cancer.

Those who are suffering from flakes or dandruff may use this soap as hair washing agent, it will bring positive impact on dandruff control factor.

Those who have minor cuts and wounds on skin may use colloidal silver soap and spray to ensure protection on skin tone. The scar due to burn injury will get gradually faded with constant use of colloidal silver based soaps.

Those who have sensitive skin and suffer from frequent problem of allergy should use colloidal silver based soap at regular basis. Allergy is a problem of physical immunity therefore while colloid silver soap is applied externally internal intake of the same will initiate faster recovery because regular intake of colloidal silver powder will improve mechanical defense of body while the external application will ensure skin protection.

Colloidal silver based soaps are excellent for ant-wrinkle treatment because it maintains moisture level of skin thus prevents fine lines and wrinkle formation.

Frequently Asked Questions

    Eczema on nipple!! Cant afford doctor and the itch is out of control...!?
    I really need a home remedy or natural or homeopathic or herbal cure. I have read about Oregon grape, Tea tree oil, and colloidal silver. Which is best? any others that i should try?

    • ANSWER:

      Has one been exposed to perfumes or non-hypo-allergenic soaps or meds? For instance, I have had strong allergic reactions to cinnamon since my teens. Cinnamon has some very strong toxins that can be used to replace petroleum pesticides.

      Poor quality and/or low cost micro-nutrition that will weaken one's immune system, will cause/ allow/ promote diabetes types of fungal infections and itch rash diseases and almost any other disease, even if one might be very very young or has never been ‘overweight.’

      Improve one's micro-nutrition, i.e. no sweets deserts pasta starches grains or stimulant drinks, at least until healing totally occurs - and hopefully forever since these are terribly unhealthy junk foods.

      Learn from my own mistakes, since it can get much worse long term if one may follow the same path I have been down.

      Monistat_Derm or Lamisil should work IF it is only a fungal problem and IF you would ALSO strengthen your body with better organic micro-nutrition. See: .

      Sounds like the skin reactions that I was having two to three years ago. At the time I was having urticaria allergic reactions to foods and my own sweat and who knows what other toxins, that would then promote fungal infections from my weakened immune system. I eventually learned to make the right organic nutritional choices that allowed my immune system and organs to rebuild and get stronger.

      IF YI - my own skin-urticaria issues have cost about ,500 in the last three years to learn what I now know - which is that ALL skin diseases are strongly related to one's micro-nutrition and/or toxic absorption and/or hygiene and/or parasites.

      My allergic reactions continually cause small water blisters along with skin fevers and itches and then rashes and then long term scaling. When my malady was at its worst - I used to have allergic itches to my own sweat that I was burning off after showering or during exercise or when parts of my body got hot - during a time in my life when I used to have considerable toxins stored within my body fat and ‘very’ weakened immune and filter systems.

      Monistat 7 and Desenex are moist-area anti-fungals and Head and Shoulders is also an anti-fungal, but you really need to see an MD and do more internet research to better understand how difficult it is for an MD to diagnose serious skin maladies. Use meds that are prescribed in a very minimal way so that your body’s immune system's and skin/ organs can repair and grow stronger, which will then prevent reoccurrences in the future.

      Since when I was an asthmatic teen and could not use deodorants without rashing up, my life long triggers have taught me to use hypo-allergenic non-perfumed soaps in a minimal way and to sometimes powder different portions of my body with cornstarch to help minimize yeast infections; especially whenever my micro-nutritional absorption within my gut has been less than was necessary to adequately repair my body’s immune system, organs, and skin on a daily basis.

      Even though I might not have answered your question as ‘specifically’ as you may have wanted, to help you with simple and concise information on ALL itch rash illnesses and for short and long term solutions to them ALL - the following link has considerable info within a ‘report’ I recently posted on Y_A:

      The report at qid=20091113104039AAbnGet is an accumulation of my own investigations into itch rash illnesses that are due to my own non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, even though I have a fairly low BMI of 26.

      I eventually learned that itching or rashes are symptoms of maladies that could become much worse if not healed with better non-toxic and more ‘dense’ micro-nutritional choices. Since doctors were not very helpful and it ‘almost’ took too long to learn what I now try to teach others, I now take a little time each week to help others understand the need for non-toxic and ‘adequate’ micro-nutritional absorption in the gut AND for good hygiene - which will then prevent or minimize every ‘dis-ease’ I am aware of.

      Finally, because I am not an MD who could diagnose you ‘personally,’ I feel I should add that although I have seen that most root problems for 'skin' issues for myself and others has usually ‘always’ been from long and or short term allergic reactions to 'something' or poor hygiene COMBINED WITH a weakened lymph liver kidney skin and immune systems - IF the following symptoms would ever occur - I ‘think’ the worst rash one might possibly have quickly acquired is from deadly bacterial meningitis, ALTHOUGH bacterial meningitis would be VERY RARE.

      The two quotes below are from:

      “IF a rash is present, it may indicate a particular cause of meningitis; for instance, meningitis caused by meningococcal bacteria may be accompanied by a characteristic rash.”

      “The MOST common symptoms of meningitis are headache and neck stiffness associated with fever, confusion or altered consciousness, vomiting, and an inability to tolerate light (photophobia) or loud noises (phonophobia). SOMETIMES, especially in small children, only nonspecific symptoms may be present, such as irritability and drowsiness.”

      For further details see:

      I truly truly hope that what you might rapidly learn in the next few minutes will help you to decide on the correct choices that will remedy your painful malady in the future.

      My best to you and yours,

      AI – self taught nutritionIsT >[(-:]

      PS - IF YI - the nutrition info I have learned is posted at: .




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