Eczema Baby Oil

eczema baby oil

Why Eczema Is Worse In Winter

If you have suffered from dry irritating skin rashes, you may have noticed an external factor that triggered this irritating condition. You may or may not be suffering from a skin condition called eczema. For those of you who have it, you may know that there are certain triggers that can result in annoying flare ups. Some factors that can worsen your condition are water, certain types of food, humidity, weather conditions, clothing, and soap. Weather is one of the biggest factors that can worsen your eczema, and it is known to be at its worst in the winter.

Most areas of the world have cold winters, excluding places such as the Caribbean or other tropical location. Winter weather conditions can include harsh northerly winds, snow, low humidity, dry air and cold weather. These factors can cause your skin to become very dry. It is so important to stay moisturized and wear protective clothing when you have to face winter conditions. Even if you dont have eczema, you have probably noticed that your skin is dry in the winter and you are constantly applying lotion or other types of moisturizers.

Cold air and low humidity can dry your skin and it removes the moisture your skin needs. Because these are common winter conditions, it tends to make your eczema worse during this season. It can be hard to stay moisturized when the weather doesnt change and continues to stay cold. Also, central heating inside your home will also dry your skin. To combat these factors you can humidify your home with a humidifier and wear gloves when you go outside.

A lot of people wear wool in the winter because the material keeps you so warm. However, this can cause a lot of itching which can worsen an eczema flare up. It is hard to dress warm when the weather is so cold without irritating your skin. Adding on extra layers to your outfit can also cause you to sweat which will induce a flare up. When dressing for the winter, you have to find a happy medium.

Unfortunately, the weather conditions cannot be changed in the winter and typically eczema is worse during this season. During the spring is when most people with eczema notice that they have less flare ups. If you are living in a location with a cold climate and harsh winter conditions, be sure to moisturize your skin with an organic eczema oil or lotion. This can manage a flare up if you happen to have one. The winter months will bring on more flare ups because of the cold air so staying moisturized becomes a necessity for the health of your skin.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    Baby Oil vs. Lotion for eczema?
    Ok my baby's dr. told me that you are not suppost to use "baby" lotion anymore (like the kind that comes in the pink bottles) she said just use regular lotion that is mild or for sesitive skin nothing with fragrences or stuff like that. I have been using vaseline lotion so far, because my son has eczema on his face and knees and craddle cap on his head and eyebrows (i know it's odd, but he was born with craddle cap on his eyebrows only then is started under his hair on his head). Well my friend gave me some baby lotion as part of a gift basket and i was wondering if i should use that after his baths and the other lotion other times? Does anyone else use baby oil on there baby? what are your experiences. I recently bought Gentle Naturals disney baby baby eczema cream and that has really helped the rash on his cheeks. Should i stick with that? I am not sure what do you all recommend?

    Oh the "baby" lotion has that same stuff in it that is in plastic bottles they dont recommend using anymore the "bpa" stuff. At least thats how the dr. explained it only she use the technical name but i cant remember it i just it as bpa.

    oh and my baby is 6 weeks old (born on christas eve)
    ok i was just rereading my post and i accidently said i got baby lotion and was wondering if i should use it i meant i got baby oil and was wondering about that. I have never used it and was wondering about peoples experiences with it and what do you use it for?

    • ANSWER:
      Ryan has pretty bad eczema, depending on the day.
      We were originally using Johnsons Baby Lotion as a newborn but it just made it worse and my doc also told me not to use that stuff..
      We are now using the vaseline lotion as well, it keeps him mostuirized.
      I have been thinking about trying that Disney cream you are refering too!
      I would just stick with that if its working, its hard to find a product that works..

      Also I would not use the johnson lotion, it could cause a serious breakout on your baby!!

    should I stop using baby oil on my 3 mon old baby's eczema skin?
    I have 3 months old baby and she has eczema (mostly on her right cheek).
    we had her checkup appointment couple days ago, then her pediatrician told us to use baby oil instead of baby lotion (which I had been using by that time). so i've switched to use to baby oil(baby johnson's) putting on her skin since then.
    but now what happens on her face is wherever i put this baby oil, even the spot wasnt that bad gets all red and looks got even worse.
    I'm so unsure if I still should keep using this product or not.
    does anybody know if this is a still ok sign for her skin's getting repaired or that's defenitely the sign I need to get something else for her skin, not baby oil...?

    Thank you.

    • ANSWER:

    whats the best over the counter cream or maybe oil or something to use to treat a baby with eczema?
    my son is 20 months old he has really bad eczema on his head. we are using elidel but i wanna know what else is out there for him that isnt so harsh.

    • ANSWER:
      I recommend Small Wonder Creamy Baby Oil. This has cleared up eczema for many little ones with this condition. It's more like a cream than an oil. It provides the same benefits and protection, but it's faster absorbing and less greasy. It's pH balanced and dermatologist tested for delicate skin and contains soothing vitamin E and allantoin to prevent dryness and irritation. Also is an all natural product and can be purchased on line.

      Hope this is helpful and feel free to contact me with questions.

    Has your baby ever had a eczema like reaction to any johnsons baby products? i put johnsons baby bedtime oil ?
    on my 3 month old all over her body and a bit on forehead and a day later she got eczema on her head so i took her the to docs asap and he said it could have been a reaction to the oil i used the first time on her, he gave us some cream and it went away overnight and i havent used the oil since.....but i haev used the bedtime bath always on her since day 1......has your baby ever had a reaction to anything??????

    • ANSWER:
      Both my kids cannot use any Johnson's products at all or they break out in eczema. Some kids just have sensitive skin.

    Can a baby get an allergic reaction to baby oil?
    My daughter is 16mths old and has recently been around my nieces and they had lice..... well i found some nits in my daughters hair so someone told me to use baby oil so it would be easier to pull them out so i did but now she has a really bad red rash and bumps on her back of her neck and the front of her body! She has eczema but has never had it in those places till just yesterday a day after i applied the baby oil to hair! Could she had a bad reaction to the baby oil???? Please help!!!

    • ANSWER:
      she could i was allergic to vicks vapor rub when i was a baby doesn't bother me now but made me stop breathing back then, all it takes is one ingredient in the product tahts shes allergic too, just becase its baby oil donet mean its for all babies try a different brand

    How does baby oil soften your skin?
    I'm a 14 year old girl and i have dry skin. I have been to the doctors many times but none of the creams they have suggested have worked. The other day my friend mentioned that baby oil worked for her. i was thinking about trying it, but wondered whether it has worker or anyone else? and i have heard that it can fade scars, is this true? if not is there anything you can suggest that will fade scars caused by eczema or stretch marks? thank you :)

    • ANSWER:
      hmm well idk if it fades scars or anything but id still try it :)
      baby oil is like pure moisture in a bottle. as soon as u put it on ur skin ur skin is automatically soft. it has plenty of vitamin E in it (which is specialized for skin health)

      i used to use baby oil all the time :) . when i was a lot younger my mom would put some in my bathwater so when i came out the tub my skin would be really soft.

      id try the baby oil if i were u :) . hope i helped! <3

    Can I use rose hip oil to treat/relieve my one-month-old baby's Atopical Dermatitis (infant eczema)?
    He has developed some pretty bad allergic patches on his cheeks, chin and behind his ears. He doesn't sleep well because of the itch and he becomes irritable a lot of the time. Please help me? I'd like some home-remedy suggestions.

    I've taken him to a pediatrician, but would like some more home-remedy or traditional suggestions. Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      Yes, you can!

      And congratulations!

    baby eczema HELP!!?
    Does any of your babies have really bad Eczema on their faces?
    What have you found that works like magic to treat it??

    I have used:
    Gentle Natures Baby eczema cream & wash
    A&D ointment
    Baby Oil
    Selsun Blue
    and NOTHING works!
    in fact, the more i try to treat it with different creams, the worse it gets. I need to clear it up in two days for pictures with santa often do you bathe your baby when they have flair up's?
    do i use the Hydrocortizone Cream and the aquaphor at the same time?? like, do I mix it togther?

    and to the first're stupid. I have to clear regardless of santa or not. it is a rash that HURTS the baby!

    • ANSWER:
      Are you sure it is eczema? How old is you child? If they are in the age where cradle cap is still an issue it could be cradle cap. My 4 month old had it creep onto her face and neck. If this could be is try Lotrimin AF, if worked great and fast for me.

      If is it eczema try over the counter Hydrocortizone Cream and the the aquaphor. That usually got my daughter's under control in about a day.

    Baby eczema?
    Hi I'm the newly proud father of a little baby girl and I have a concern it seems that she has Eczema. Her skin is always dry and cracked. I hate seeing her like that, it makes me feel like shes in pain. Her doctor said that shes to young to put anything on her skin. but baby oil is o.k. Does anyone know what I can do? she turning 4 months.

    • ANSWER:
      It is no fun for a parent, but it sounds like your baby is rather comfortable at this point? That is the most important thing. This problem is becoming more and more common with babies, but remember that most kids grow out of it and babies skin is so resillient. Very rarely is there any scarring at all. The best thing you can do for her is read and research EVERYTHING. Don't rely solely on what the physicians recommend, as they often disagree. Know what you are using on your baby. Look at the ingredients and use wikipedia or another search to identify safety. Petrolium-based products may not be the best option. Every child is different and what works on one doesn't work with the next. Try to stay with pure and natural moisturizers, if possible. We now use organic virgin coconut oil and/or palm oil, after reading that anything placed on the skin has the potential to enter the blood stream. You could keep a log/journal and try different recommended treatments on either side of her body to determine what she tolerates best.

      Identifying possible causes or contributing factors will be your greatest tool to help her. We kicked out the animals, washed in hypo-allergenic soap with extra rinse cycle, used cotton clothing, limited food varieties (breastmilk only, if possible), limited exposure to others' perfumes, hairspray, etc. We basically tried to keep her in a bubble.

      Our daughter suffered for many months with severe eczema, worsening after each "round" of vaccinations. Specifically, Phenoxyethanol, which is used in many of the common pediatric vaccinations, is a preservative and a toxin with the ability to suppress the immune system and also can cause burns, blisters, dermatitis, and eczema!

      Formaldehyde is another toxin which is used in nearly every vaccine. It is carcinogenic and at least one source links it, also, to eczema. Imagine my disbelief after coming across this info... and that is just the beginning. We chose to suspend all immunizations for our child just after 6 months of age. I only wish I had done the research sooner. We are still trying to bring her immune system and skin issues back into balance 4 years later.

      I hope your experience is milder than ours. It sounds like her little body is dealing with enough right now without having the extra load on her immune system. You might consider a delay in additional vaccines, at least until her body has had a chance to mature and stabilize. This will give you an opportunity to read more about it. An informed partnership with your physician will be of greatest benefit to your little family. They are so precious. Sympathy and Best Wishes.

    50 day old Baby with eczema?
    My little sister has eczema and i was wondering if it is ok to but johnsons baby oil on her head? Any other suggestions?

    • ANSWER:
      My son had eczema on his head also. My doctor told me to put .5% hydrocortisone on it once a day for a week. She said not to use it any longer than 7 days at a time (it is a steroid), but to alternate baby lotion for a week then cortisone until it goes away. I only had to use it for the first 7 days - it went away and hasn't returned. Hope that helps!

    Any good products for baby eczema?
    My son is 6 1/2 months old and developed eczema on his face and back once the furnace started running on a regular basis.
    I've since put a cold air humidifier in his nursery. Bathe him every other day instead of daily and use a little cooler water with baby oil. And I've been putting lotion on several times a day.
    All of this has helped it from worsening but not cleared it up.
    Are there any good washes and lotions or products that you have found that help?
    I'm currently using Berts Bee's Baby Bee wash, lotion and oil.

    • ANSWER:
      I use Aveeno baby wash and lotion that is fragrance and dye free and then on the really red itchy areas use hydrocortisone cream twice a day for a week. Her pediatrician said to use it a week on and a week of. If it gets bad again after the week off, you can start using it again for a week. It did not ever go completely away using that stuff, but it did make it better. Just light pink patches as opposed to dark red itchy rash all over. I've also been told not to use oil just use a light moisturizer lotion. Oils can make it worse. My daughter had her since birth and at about a year it just went away. We haven't had any issues with it for a couple months now. Hopefully your baby's will go away soon too.

    Question about eczema on baby?
    My 6 month old has had dryish patches on the back of his knees for a few weeks now. I've been putting Sudocrem on and it seems to help, as long as I remember to do it 2-3 times a day. He also has a bit on one cheek. Even when they've "cleared up", he still has a patch of shiny, dry skin and it always comes back exactly the same.

    Does this look like eczema:

    I will take him to doctors at some point, but there's a huge waiting list and as it's not causing any problems (doesn't bother him) it's not a priority.

    Also just wanted to check, is it safe but put baby oil in his bath or would this irritate it further?

    • ANSWER:
      My daughter had a mild case of eczema too. I live in michigan and the doctor said it was mainly because of the dry weather we get here in the winter.
      1. Do not give the baby a bath everyday try every other day. when giving a bath use unscented body wash also.

      2. Do not use any creams oils or anything that has a scent to it at all, this may irritate the eczema.

      3. I used Aveeno baby lotion fragrance free on my daughter 3 times daily sometimes more.

      4. After giving a bath pat skin dry and within the first three minutes make sure to put lotion on, this is when the pores are still open and will moisturize the most.

      5. Try to keep baby in cotton clothing and not too hot. NO POLYESTER!

      6. Make sure to wash baby's pillow case and sheet more often and make sure that the laundry detergent is mild enough for the baby. I use Dreft.

      I used to put lotion on her face also, but only on the part the is dry.

      I did this and it went away within a month with my daughter... try to make sure she is cool and not too hot.

      Hope this helped, if it doesn't go away or gets worse the doctor may perscribe hydrocortizone cream for it, they try not to use that on babies so much so try this first and if it works its better.

      Also, it may be bothering him but he just doesnt know what to do when it does....

    How effective is baby oil for scars?
    i've had eczema my whole life and i now have really prominante obvious ugly dark blotchy scars all over my legs. ive heard its good for scars? is it really? its pretty expecnsive and i wanna make sure. thanks :)
    sorry everyone i meant bio-oil!!!!!!! :L

    • ANSWER:
      Baby oil doesn't seem to work for scars. Try Bio-oil. It is also quite pricey but you should definitely see a reduction in the pigment. Use it regularly though for the best results.

    what to use other than baby oil for cradle cap?
    my daughter has cradle cap really bad and baby oil breaks her out i also think she may have eczema any suggestions on what to use

    • ANSWER:
      Well My daughter who is now 2 had cradle cap and I used baby oil for her ~ all her hair fell out. My son is 6 months and has cradle cap and I just left it alone ~ it was very hard but I did and it seems to be going away by itself. However if it is that bad then I have heard of using a dandruff shampoo like Selson Blue ~ you have to be very careful though because it will burn terribly if it gets in the eyes. Good luck .

    Baby eczema. 3 1/2months?
    My 3 1/2 month old has really bad dry skin.
    I recently discovered he is allergic to perfumed lotions. The doctor recommend aquaphor but it doesnt seem to be helping.

    I am trying vaseline and it kind of seems to be helping. Not really sure though as its only been a day since I started to use it on him.

    He scratches it and it bleeds so I am constantly clipping his nails
    (I am not going to put mittens on, he loves to grab his feet and I do not want to strip him from that ability)

    What lotions have you tired that works really well.?

    I have tried
    -Aveeno for baby. Fail
    -Aquaphor. Fail
    -Vanilla Oatmeal. Failed because the perfume in it
    -Baby Oil. Failed for same reason as above
    -Non perfumed baby oil. He smelt horrible so stopped using it.

    I am using at bath time
    -Vanilla Oatmeal Body Wash for Baby
    -Breck for Baby Oatmeal

    I am also using Dreft baby detergent for his clothes. The detergents don't really seem to affect him. Just lotions.
    I live in Florida, the heat makes it worse for him.
    I will try the dairy thing. I drink a glass of milk almost everyday. I will cut back.

    • ANSWER:
      I have had a raging battle with eczema since my baby was born, I feel your pain.

      any time my baby had something new to eat or her shots the eczema would flare with a vengeance and when we started giving her milk it really went nuts.Eucerin/ Aquaphor work great for when your baby is eating their hands and getting the painful chaps..that stuff has a water sealant to keep their hands protected and it's not dangerous in their mouth but does nothing but irritate your baby when they are itching from eczema.

      first try over the counter Alveeno cream with 1 percent hydrocortizone, don't add anything with it. my pharmacist told me I was making things worse by adding things like oatmeal lotion, etc.. he also told me not to add any to the bath and not make the bath very warm because this adds to drying out the skin.

      I started using that twice a day but my baby still was itching but I could see allot of improvement!

      I then asked a woman I know who still fights eczema and I told her after my child has scratched anything I use seems to cause her pain because she has opened her skin..she told me after she has scratched where it has bleed the only thing she has used that help for burning is coco butter.

      I then got 2 percent hydrocortizone from my doctor and use that AND coco butter through out the day (the cream after bath and just before bed) and as of right now you could hardly know she has it and she isn't waking herself was getting that of luck with this!!

    Baby oil or lotion??
    Does any one use baby oil instead of lotion? Does this work better to make the skin smoother? ((for a baby/child)). I always used lotion, (johnsons) and she still seemed to have patches of dry skin. (not eczema). Has any one used Baby oil constantly instead of lotion? Hows that working out for you? and is there any side effects to using baby oil? Like really oily skin, possibly increased acne when older?

    • ANSWER:
      There are no long-term side effects from using baby oil or lotion. It's not going to change her skin type. My son actually got little bumps on his back from baby oil and I switched to using my own Neutrogena Body Oil (I've used it for 20 years). For lotion, I don't find Johnson's to be that moisturizing (I like the smell and tried it myself).

      The key to either lotion or oil is to use it right after the bath. For stubborn dry patches, try Eucerin cream (it's really thick and comes in a tub). I huge a tiny drop on my son's rough knees and it works great. Also safe enough for his face, although you only need a tiny, tiny bit.

    how do you treat cradle cap? have used baby oil, brushed scalp then washed withhead and shoulders.suggestions?
    i've been doing this routine for almost 2 weeks and it has not gotten any better. she also has eczema on her but the scalp is different - it's horrible and i need some help.

    • ANSWER:
      Take a shot of vodka. Wait five minutes and repeatX2 then boil an egg add garlic salt and lemon pepper. pour half a cup of rum and milk in the water as it boils. crack the egg while it is in the water. let it simmer for about 5 minutes. It should come out to be a yogurt like substance. rub it all over your face it may sting a little

    is organic coconut oil good for baby skin?
    my 1 month baby girl got some redness and rash.. looks like eczema on her body . when i had blister or dry skin on my body , i applied and it worked great. so is organic coconut virgin oil good for baby skin too??

    • ANSWER:
      Yes, It's fine. I used it on my son's eczema because I didn't want all the chemicals that are in other things like Aveeno and J&J products. It kept him nice an moist and helped his eczema, although did not eliminate it until we took him off dairy at 2yo.

    my 8 week old baby girl has developed a eczema,it started on her forehead,and now its all over her face?
    i am using the baby oil and cream given by the doctor,but its getting worste.i will start using soy milk from today.
    any other advice?please

    • ANSWER:
      Eczema is an autoimmune disease. It's much more than just a skin condition. If your doctor is giving you nothing other than a skin cream, you need to find a new doctor. However, most M.D.s are the same way--just treating the most obvious symptom, even when it's a sign of a larger problem. You should probably find a naturopathic doctor, an N.D.

      Also, you mention 8 weeks, and that made me wonder if it had anything to do with vaccinations. It's very common for babies to develop eczema from vaccines. Even if it happened before the 8 week vaccines, it could be from the hepatitis B vaccine given at the hospital.

      I suggest you research how to heal eczema by improving overall health.

      My guess is that your baby has a sensitive body that does not do well with vaccines. Vaccines are not required for daycare or school. Here are the exemption forms/information for every state.

      8 weeks old is definitely not too late to start relactating. Your baby is sensitive, and needs your breastmilk to be healthy. Please talk to a lactation consultant. You can find one at Insurance will probably cover the visit. You can read more about relactation here.

    Is it possible to develop eczema at 22 years?
    I noticed earlier this winter my thighs itched really bad, and so did my stomach whenever I laid down for bed. So after listening to people's suggestions I started using baby oil. My skin does not itch as much, but my lower abdomen is flaky and my sides are dry (like you can see lines or something). And lately I cannot seem to wash my face without it breaking out. I now resort to not washing my skin and only using clearasil wipes (which has worked to clear me up). Is it possible for someone to develop eczema as an adult? What can I do to relieve the itching (if I forget my baby oil my skin itches moderately). What about the dryness feeling on the sides of my abdomen? Or the breaking out on my face. PS I noticed the baby oil has started to cause me to break out on my chest, so now it is only applied on my abdomen legs and arms. And speaking of acne, I developed the acne before I developed the dry skin.

    • ANSWER:
      Yes of course. Eczema is a cause of dry skin. So when you have dry skin, you have high chances of developing eczema as well.

      Dry skin

      Products that are effective to eliminate dry skin

    help about my baby eczema?
    my daughter is almost 3 months old, she's been having these little pimples since she was 2months.. her doctor said its just acne that it came from inside of me & to not used anything but water SO i try to be patient with them .but now there all over her skin, her neck, her back, her tummy, her arms and her foot. her hair was kinda dry so i used baby oils. shes like someone who's been taking a bath on her bed lol she keep sweating &keep getting wet even if its not hot.. her skin is SO irritated i don't know what to do anymore. i cry to see her beautiful sensitive skin looking like this. her doctor recommend me to use eceurin or aquaphor SO i used both, i also try aveeno and baby oils but none of them seems to work.. her powder came with 3 actions. protects,treats,&soothes irritated skin so i put some on her tummy, her back&under her neck. its kinda helping but no much as i want them to disappear. is there any moms out there who's been dealing with this thing if yes what did you used or do? any moms out there whats your advise? thanks for taking your time to answer my questions, i appreciate it(:

    • ANSWER:
      If it's pimples, it's not eczema. Eczema presents as more of a rash. You can do a google image search if you're brave. Have you had her tested for allergies? You should definitely take her to see a specialist if it doesn't clear up. I can tell you what I do for my son's eczema, but if it turns out that she doesn't have eczema, or if she has an allergy, it may not help much. I was told to bathe him every day using mild soap. I use dove sensitive skin bar soap for him. Let her soak in the tub for at least 15 minutes, preferably longer, so her skin can absorb water. Then immediately after, rub plain Vaseline into her skin. It may not help much if the aquaphor didn't help, but it's worth a try. You may also want to get some hydro-cortisone cream to rub on the very irritated patches. I do strongly suggest you take her to a dermatologist AND get her tested for allergies though. Good luck!

    How do you get rid of redness from eczema?
    I have eczema all over my legs. I was having problems with it being very dry, but I started using baby oil gel after each shower and that got rid of the dryness, but it hasn't done anything for the redness. Thats the only problem I have with it now. Have any suggestions, other than going to the doctor, to get rid of it?? Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      I believe there are over the counter skin cremes with low concentrations of 'steroids' that can help. Stop at a pharmacy and ask to speak with the pharmecist about what they carry

      the low concentration steroid will work locally where you place the creme to reduce the redness and itching - and reduce the flare-up in general - but make sure there are no open regions/cuts/deep scratches, if so you may wan to apply a bit of neosporin first to reduce the risk of infection

      hope you feel better

    My 7 month old son took a really bad reaction to baby oil!!?
    Ok well this is what has happened,
    My son had some cradle cap and I put some baby oil on his head, I then topped it up before bedtime and he was very unsettled, I thought maybe it was teething or something.. well anyway we woke up in the morning and he was covered in eczema and I panicked and rushed him to bathe him, so I put some aqueous cream on him and it seemed to help.. the cradle cap is still there.. So I took him to the Doctor that day and he gave him some hyrocortizone cream so it all began to clear... my hubby put some nivea cream on his own face then went and kissed my son and my sons head all started to go red so I went and bathed him but from that he has had eczema covering his whole trunk... so off I went back to the doctor he gave me a steroid cream with an anti fungal in it so I have tried that for a week and it really did help but now its coming back and redder everyday.. I am still moisturizing him twice a day but I know something is irritating his skin I just cant work out what on earth it is!!!!!
    Also to make matters worse, my son was on Colief something that breaks down the lactose enzyme in baby formula, before I put him on the colief he had bad gas and vomiting... Around the same time as the reaction to baby oil I took him off the colief and now its like he is a newborn again he cramps up all the time and seems in pain.and he is being sick again at least once a day.. I mean I am having to wind him!! which I shouldn't need to do..
    So in my mind I thought it might be a combination of both, or none at all!! its so frustrating I wash with a non bio I put and extra rinse on the washer..
    I am back at the Doctors today and I just wanted to get all the facts clear in my head... also has anyone been through the same thing?

    Also Mummies out there do not use lavender baby oil on your babies skin
    Thank you so much for all your kind responces, I went back to the Doctor and he told me to use the anti fungal steroid cream for a few more days and to use the Colief again.. So if this doesnt work I will go down the all organic natural route which I will probably partly do now

    • ANSWER:

      It's very common for people to be sensitive to the fragrance in baby oil, detergent, and other products.

      Baby oil is just mineral oil plus fragrance. The lotion also contains fragrance, which could be keeping it bad or making it worse.

      Try mineral oil. Try unscented laundry soap in his clothes too, see if it doesn't clear up. :-)

    How do you treat your babies ezcema?
    we actually have it under control now . . . I'm just curious what others have used. It seems a humidifier, baby oil, & the eczema cream with winnie the pooh on it is working wonders. How about for your baby?

    • ANSWER:
      hydrocortizone. My son had this problem before til he was six months old. He doesn't really have issues with this any more. But his doctor recommended that I jusst apply a little hydrocortizone like lotion to his face or wherever. It really works great & clears it up pretty quick. I've used the Aveeno brand of hydrocortizone & also the cheap store brand. They both work equally as good.

      I figured out that his skin was sensitive to Johnson's & Johsnon's baby wash products. So I switched him to Aveeno Baby Creamy Wash. It's for sensitive skin & is unscented. That worked great also. I would just splash some baby cologne on him after his bath to make him smell good. His skin isn't sensitive anymore & I actually use Johnson's Cucumber & Melon Baby Wash. I think baby's skin is just sensitive to everything early on in there life. You have to think of how their skin is been protected completely in your womb & all of a sudden it's exposed to so much.

      Definitely have a tube of Hydrocortizone handy. Just dab a bit on any spots as they appear.

    Is it possible to manage severe baby eczema without the use of steroids?
    My daughter is 7 months and developed eczema at 6 weeks that got worse over time. We tried to treat it naturally initially but with no use. Finally we had to take her to a derm who prescribed Cutivate. She cleared up like magic with cutivate. The derm asked us to use cutivate twice a day for a week, then once a day for a week, stop for a week and then repeat the cycle overall. We do everything else possible along with this - moisturising her very frequently, limiting bath times, bathing in lukewarm water and moisturising within 3 minutes after, add bath oil in water, dress her in 100% cotton only, monitoring humidity, keeping house as clean as possible, using no soap, washing her clothes in free & clear detergent etc. she is exclusively breastfed and I am trying an elimination diet by avoiding all possible allergy foods (I eat only rice & vegetables these days) to see if it helps.

    But I think I may still need to use cutivate to control her eczema. The derm says after several cycles of steroid use, we may be able to control it without steroids.

    My question is - Has anyone lucked out by managing bad baby eczema all natural? That is without the use of steroids?

    I feel like my reluctance to use steroids initially worsened her case and I feel guilty about it. But going forward, I would so like to avoid steroids if that is even feasible. Thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      First, my heart goes out to you. I know exactly what you're going through. My son got eczema at 1 month old and it was bad for quite a while. I was avoiding all but the most sparing use of hydrocortisone until he was about 9 months, at which point I started using it as liberally as needed. At 18 months I added Triamcinalon. We had to use it once a day and got it down to every other day until about a month ago.

      The problem is that dermatologists and allergists only treat the symptoms. Avoid obvious allergens, moisturize, use steroids as needed. That's what you're going to get from them. I know. We tried it. The allergist wouldn't even look at the food sensitivity test that the pediatrician did. But that test was actually the key to the cause. He showed up sensitive to almost everything they tested. The pediatrician said that this pointed to irritation in the gut. Further testing by a naturopath we are seeing now has proved that his gut is populated with bad bacteria and a little too much yeast. This also explains why the addition of a special probiotic called InfaSkin has helped so much. We were able to cut down on the steroid cream from every other day to every 3-4 days.

      Then we found out about Melaleuca's Renew lotion. This stuff is amazing. It's 7x more effective than Eucerine, and it doesn't have mineral oil that creates an oily barrier on the skin, so it allows the skin to breathe while attracting moisture from the air. It also has healing properties in it that help the skin to heal. When we added the Renew lotion, we were able to cut the steroid back to about once a week! In fact, it's been over a week since he last used it. I swear by the stuff now!

      Since I learned about Melaleuca, I have realized that there are so many household cleaners that are potential hazards to my children--especially one as compromised as my son is. It looks like you are already doing the best you can with that, but just so you know, they make some of the best green cleaners available, at affordable prices. You might want to look into them.

      The only way to get Melaleuca's products is through another customer. If you don't know anyone who uses their products, you may contact me at for more info on how to get some Renew to try.

      I have blogged about my experience, but Yahoo has a policy about using personal sites in the source. If you want to find it, google "My Baby Has Eczema" and you'll find a link to it.

      So in summary, I applaud your desire to avoid steroids. They have their place, and sometimes you do need to use them to get the skin back to a certain point--as in our case. But looking for the cause and using the best natural cleaning and skin care products available is your best bet in the long run.

    Can olive oil be used on babies face for eczema ?

    • ANSWER:

    My baby has eczema, should I switch his formula?
    My baby will be 5 months old in 2 weeks. He has eczema on his face, it spreads when he scratches it, he is incredibly uncomfortable and it wakes him up a lot which I heard is normal for babies with eczema. I've been putting a safe, oil based lotion on it, but it barely helps. My boyfriend and I are switching his insurance and should hear back anyday now, but until we do, we are trying to avoid taking him to the doctor (obviously if it gets worse or bad enough we'll go anyways) Its on the sides of his face and I just feel so sad for my little man. I put mittens on his hands at night so he can's scratch. What can I do to soothe him?
    I do not breast feed. I heard something about switching his formula to soy-based? That maybe his eczema means he has a milk allergy? I thought he just got it from his father, who has eczema on his legs.

    • ANSWER:
      Eczema is an autoimmune disease. The skin problem is the only thing you see, but your baby is also sick internally, and no lotion or topical medication can help that.

      I really don't know what effect switching to soy formula would have.

      But I encourage you to consider not vaccinating him anymore. Vaccines have been linked to autoimmune diseases, and his health could worsen with further vaccinations.

      Did you know vaccines are NOT required for school or daycare? Here is the exemption information.
      United States:

      Molecularly distilled fish oil might help clear up your baby's eczema. Here's a study that shows eating fish can protect against eczema. I wouldn't recommend feeding fish to a 4 month old, for various reasons, including mercury in fish. But molecularly distilled fish oil does not contain any mercury or other contaminants, and a lot of parents have found that feeding their children fish oil clears up their eczema.

      I personally would not apply steroid (hydrocortisone) cream on my baby. The steroid will only suppress the problem further into his body.

    What skin care products do you use on your baby?
    Just curious what kind of lotions and creams and cleansers everyone else useson their babies/toddlers. I am also interested if anyone makes their own. I hear olive oil is good but I have not tried it. Also, my baby has eczema so if anyone can recommend any good products for it, that would be great!
    Someone gave a thumbs down to all who said Johnsons. Is there something wrong with Johnsons? Can you elaborate for me?

    • ANSWER:
      We use Johnson's Shea and Cocoa Butter Baby Wash and Lotion. It smells sooo good and moisturizers for 24 hours. Just a note: we had been using the lavender and chamomile when our youngest was small, but hadn't never read the back of it. It says that if the child has allergies it could make them worse. If we would have read the label, it would have saved some allergy trouble with him, considering he has really bad ones.

    Anyone struggling with baby eczema that's hard to get under control?
    My daughter is 6 months old and is exclusively breastfed. She was diagnosed with ezcema at two months at which the doctor prescribed 1% hydrocortisone cream. We used it rarely since it was mild steroid but her eczema got worse, so at 4 months, doctor prescribed 0.1% triacemolone. We use it for flare ups and use aquaphor-eucerin but it is still bad with severe itching.

    1. She developed eczema at 2 months. It started on cheeks first and later spread to neck, inside of elbows, behind the knees, diaper area, trunk, legs, feet, back - I should say almost everywhere in her body. The cheeks had cleared pretty soon but recently its back on her face as well including forehead. She has cradle cap as well.

    2. Her eczema looks like small red bumps - the skin is smooth (probably because I do a good job at keeping it moisturised all the time) but red & inflamed most of the time. The skin calms down at times but she has very frequent flare-ups.

    3. I bath her daily. I apply 100% natural organic oil on her skin/bath water during bath. I use only lukewarm water, limit bath times and avoid soap or use a very gentle cleanser such as cetaphil. I apply lots o aquaphor mixed with eucerin on her soon after bath. I pat her dry and do not rub. I also use 1% hydrocortisone most times after bath and 0.1% triamcelone when it gets worse.

    4. I use only 100% cotton on her and use dreft for her detergent.

    5. I try to keep the house as dust free as possible and also monitor humidity with a cool mist humidifier.

    6. I apply lots of aquaphor/eucerin on her every 1.5 hours and change diapers. Before bed time, I cool aquaphor in fridge and apply it liberally.

    7. I keep her skin covered in cotton sleep n plays all the time and trim her nails.

    8. I tried excluding items from my diet (exclusively breastfed) such as diary, fish, soy, nuts, wheat, eggs etc but so far it does not show any difference as such.

    9. I have taken an appointment with pediatric dermatologist in a month but I think they might just prescribe a higher potent steriod which I want to avoid.

    10. She has no oozing/infection (thank god) yet.

    I was wondering if any of your babies (I wish not) had such stubborn eczema that did not respond well to treatment and if they outgrow it sooner or later. will make me feel better to know. I am reading up all I can on eczema but I dont think I will find any magic cure.

    I am trying aveeno colloidal oatmeal baths these days. But she still has incredible itching and red inflammed skin.

    Any tips for me? similar experiences?


    • ANSWER:
      1: Do not give her a bath every night, that's one of the biggest mistakes you can make with a baby that has real severe eczema. You need to give her a bath every other day or less, it should also only run 5 minutes longer or less. You only need to wash her privates,arms and legs...everything else can be washed like a "bird bath". Do not use any Johnson and Johnson products..that brand is for babies with normal skin in which your little one does not. I use Aveeno body wash with my son and it's nice and thick and doesn't irritate his skin. Makes sure the water is warm not hot. When you get her out of the bath do not rub the towel on her but rather dab her with it and make sure she is extra dry.
      2: After her bath or any other night that you are not bathing her be sure to lotion her at least 3 minutes after her bath, that way you keep the moisture into her skin. We use a combination of Aveeno baby eczema body lotion and Crisco...yes Crisco... it is the best thing ever. Our son has eczema real bad and it is the only thing that actually really really works with him. I highly recommend you use it. We apply this moisturizing combination 3 times a day; Breakfast,lunch and dinner time frames.
      3: Do not use Dreft unless it is unscented...and mostly make sure you are not using fabric softener...that can also cause break outs.
      4: You can give oatmeal baths but only once a month is recommended.
      I have also heard that using Vaseline can work too instead of the Crisco if you are not comfortable using the Crisco.
      I'm glad to hear that your doctor has made an appointment for the dermatologist because the fact that your baby has had it this long with nothing working it could mean that she could have an allergy or something wrong along those lines which does need to be taken care of asap.
      The best thing to do is just keep at it, it's never really ever going to go away but it is something that can be treated..I myself have had it for 20 years and Winter is the worse...just hang in there and keep the little one on his moisturizing routine.
      Also the clothes that you are wearing can irritate her skin because of the detergent and softener that you use on your clothes so you might want to change your soaps too.
      You are doing a great job and hang in there mama bear!
      If you have any more questions be free to shoot me an email :)

    How can I relieve my son's eczema?
    Eucerin lotion, baby oil, unscented dove soap and hydrocortisone cream does nothing for him. Are there any home remedies or prescription creams I should consider?

    • ANSWER:
      Renew lotion takes care of eczema in days. It only took 4 days for my son's to disapear.

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